Samantha Rose

Samantha Rose ( 2021 )

Samantha Rose


Samantha Rose is a coming of age story shot on location in the Pacific Northwest. Centering non-binary actor, Sam Rose, the film is a tale of a young woman battling family codependence and aimlessness alike. Sam returns to her hometown in northern Oregon and is reunited with a childhood friend and his misfit commune of friends where they work the fall harvest on the surrounding vineyards. This ragtag family of runaways are fearless and free, leading Sam on a journey of discovery and healing. There are motorcycle rides and homemade wine, midnight swims and bonfires, horses, camping, and a love story that unfolds as Sam comes to see her life for what it really is: her own.

Actores: Sam Rose, Marla Freeman, Allison Berman, Nicholas Horiatis, Matthew Danger Lippman, Vilém McKael, Natalia Ruiz-Heinsohn, Johnny Dawson
Director: Andrew Morgan
Fecha de estreno: 2021

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Samantha Rose
2021 Año
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